fun with text.

playing around with photographing some old layers/magazine work. shifting focus, adding movement, etc. we’ll see if anything comes of it…



IMG_1044 IMG_1043IMG_1049 IMG_1045IMG_1052 IMG_1055 IMG_1056 IMG_1061


Slowly but surely…

Back to the magazine project…only this time much (much!) larger. Think 4ft by 5ft. Why did I think this would be easier? Oof. Not really loving the materials — markers/pens and gouache for the white letters. Once every page has been copied, I may go around with gouache/acrylic/something to bump up color/detail/etc. i’m trying not to think too much about it at the moment, otherwise i’ll probably give myself an aneurism thinking about what’s wrong with it. I tried using wax pastels on the first attempt. Lack of control/detail really gave me trouble. I toyed with going back to all black, but I really think the whole layered color thing might be better suited to this size. Markers do look a little cheap and childish, but i needed something i could get on the paper quickly, and often at an awkward angle. Marker seed to fit the bill… Hmm.
Only way to figure it out is to commit to it and get on with it, right?
I was really hating this up until tonight…I was able to add 3 more layers, so it’s finally getting to the point where it’s a little less readable in parts, which is where it starts to get interesting.


The “To Do” Project Has A New Home!

In my efforts to create a collective work featuring all of my “To Do” lists, I’ve decided to migrate all of the posts on to a separate site…

It’s been a slow process to get all of my previous posts added to the new site…so I’m hoping to get everything up and current by the end of the week…(it’s on my list…)

Anyways, check the new site often for “updates!”

Click here to visit the new site now.