my apologies for the horrid moray pattern on these…

wanted to get some posted…(many) more to come.


This about sums it up…

I’ve often had a hard time explaining to people (non-art-y- people, that is) about what my work is about, and why i make what I make. My “art friends” understand my rambling statements about my work, but when I address my “regular” friends, I sometimes lose them in the process of explanation.

Clearly, the following link does not explain the specifics of my work (cause its not about my work…so that makes sense…) but it gets to the heart of what I am trying to accomplish with my current works.

A letter from Nicolas Bourriaud to Peter Coffin



so its back to the dots. been attempting to type a coherent sentence  and it is apparently quite difficult for me this evening, so just a few incoherent rambling blobs of words will have to suffice.

stemming from a few previous projects, i’ve been thinking about the language used in advertisements — being overwhelmed by the sheer volume of them in these magazines and our inability to escape them. what would it take to change them into something worth looking at or experiencing? how is the nature of our language changing due to hyper/social media and our “shrinking” time.

there is so much more to say about these, but my mind is elsewhere. game of thrones and a beer are calling my name…

(ps, if you couldn’t tell — the last image is all of these layer on top of one another — like its parent project. not sure if that will be the direction i’m heading in or not…but i figured that it wouldnt hurt to see how it looks all piled up. right?)