Hello world!

finally getting the obligatory “hello world!” post out of the way…

hello world! :::gag:::

me & riley the dog

i’m lindsey. i’m a slightly (insert favorite adjective for crazy) “lady” in her 30th year on the planet. i use the term “lady” in quotes as i’m not much of one…i’m a recently unemployed former liquor store manager (the horror!) and i’m attempting to cope with unemployment, lack of cash flow, and the fact that i just got accepted to the MFA program at the Art Institute of Boston. hello more debt! (but it’s “good debt,” right? again…the quotes…)

i love beer, whiskey & wine. obscure liqueurs like bitters and grappa are fun too. i spent a fair amount of my weekly paycheck at my former place of employment…so, yeah, i consider myself knowledgeable about the vast expanse that is the liquor industry.

clearly, i like art. i got my BFA in Fine Art with a focus in photography from UMASS Lowell back in 2004. I took a lot of nude self portraits…i’ve moved on from that phase for the time being. i attempted to get my MFA back in 2005–but was rejected from every school i applied to…except (somewhat) from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. they offered me a “consolation prize”(air-quotes, anyone”) of the Post-Baccalaureate Certificate Program. i took them up on the offer, and found myself immersed in the world of printmaking by the time the program was complete. this is where most of my work resides now (i dabble in drawing and painting as well…) flash forward five years. i get rejected (again) from my first round application to AIB (on a mere techinicality in my essay, i suspect?) but was asked to rework my essay and send some more work for the next round. i did — and thankfully i was accepted. validation!  clearly, the third time was the charm…(yay more debt!!!)


some bit’s and pieces about me…

i (we, i mean?) own a dog. his name is riley. he’s kinda my best bud. we like to take long walks on the beach and snuggle on the couch at night. he makes my day…and drives me nuts.  i feed him raw meat. and bones (crunch crunch crunch!) he loves it. no he won’t get sick or die. get over it. i will explain later. you will probably see a fair amount of pictures of him on here. he is quite a handsome devil…in regards to the “we”: my other half is matt. “we” own the dog. but he is my dog, though matt will try to tell you otherwise…matt is cool, i guess (kidding, kidding…) he’s the calm and calculated to my

yup. that's us.

spastic and impulsive. our mothers tried to hook us up in high school, but we were a bit disinterested in what our mother’s wanted for us at the time. after college he worked for a year at the liquor store, and, in the meantime he fell madly in love with me (or was it the other way around??) two years ago we bought a cute little place up in Haverhill. we’ve been together six years. neither of us can remember our anniversary. it’s ok. we’re both kinda bad with dates…

also…i like antiques. i like to eat. i’m an only child, though i have been told i don’t normally act like one. i’m a leo. i’m a perfectionist. i’m weird. i did gymnastics for 15 years. i have two plates and 11 screws in my arm (gymnastics war-wound) and i will try to gross you out by making you touch it. my hands are almost always cold. i burp. i like cartoons. i like to wear bandannas. i have terrible vision. i have a tendency to throw temper tantrums and stomp my feet like a two year old (thankfully this is when no one is around.) i have conversations with myself in my head, but move my lips–so i look super crazy. i often speak before i think. i love kombucha. and bruce springsteen.

you get the picture? good 🙂